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The Chicago Fire are MLS Cup Contenders

Here's a statement I never thought I'd be saying. The Chicago Fire are contenders. They finished last in the overall table each of the past two … Read More

Best Duos in Major League Soccer History

In 2007, Major League Soccer came up with the designated player rule. It allows each club up to three players that don't count against the salary cap … Read More

Can You Name the Top Scorers in MLS History?

Major League Soccer just finished its 20th season, yet there have already been nine players to score more than 100 goals all-time in MLS. Of those … Read More

Do You Remember the Order the MLS Expansion Teams Joined?

Twenty years ago Major League Soccer officially began play. The league was originally created to help with the 1994 World Cup held in the USA and … Read More

Best Major League Soccer Midfielders

If you can control the midfield, you control the match. If you can control the match and the tempo, like Paris Saint-Germain does, chances are you're … Read More

Best Major League Soccer Forwards

Last time it was the top eight goalkeepers, the ones who can save the three points for you. Now, we have those that can take the draw and turn it … Read More