In this week’s Best & Worst we look at players who made the switch to MLS after starting their careers in Europe or otherwise abroad.

This requirement rules out players such as Clint Dempsey (good) and Freddy Adu (definitely not good) as well as others who began their careers in MLS before having stints in Europe before returning to the states. We are looking strictly at players who came from Europe and had some sort of impact on the league, or, unfortunately, were mostly a disaster.

We’re assuming you can guess some of the best European transfers, but the worst’s are most likely harder to remember. ( And for good reason, we try to forget those moves).

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Some players such as Sebastian Giovinco who came to the league during the prime of his career, arguably the first international star to do so, could easily be placed in the best category. However, due to a lack of time in MLS, last year’s MVP was left out.

Oppositely, after a disastrous start to his MLS career and a publicly awful ending to his time in New England, Jermaine Jones could be placed in the worst. However, also due to a lack of time in MLS and a recent trade to Colorado, I’m hoping he can change that.

Here are your top four best and worst Europe to MLS transfers in league history.

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