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Reasons of optimism for the New York Knicks

Two words that are rarely correlated: optimism + Knicks. But they've finally coalesced in 2015. Since freeing up cap room to make a run at Lebron … Read More

Giants @ Saints: Winners and Losers

Exhilarating, adj: Definition: making one feel very happy, animated, or elated; thrilling Alternate meaning: everything that seceded from the New … Read More

Predicted XI: Liverpool v Southampton

Liverpool host Southampton on Sunday afternoon, looking to notch their first win in the Jurgen Klopp era. Thursday’s draw marked the first Klopp … Read More
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Starting QB’s ranked: who you’d want to hang out with

Starting quarterbacks in the National Football League are all unique. Some are very good. See: Brady, Tom. Some are very... questionable. See: … Read More

MLS Cup 2015 Schedule Released

The final for MLS Cup has been announced: it'll take place December 6, hosted by the highest surviving seed, via ESPNFC. This season is the first … Read More

Predicted Liverpool XI v Rubin Kazan

Liverpool host Rubin Kazan Thursday in the Europa League, as new boss Jurgen Klopp takes charge of Liverpool at Anfield for the very first … Read More
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